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Custance were approached to design an adaptive reuse of the existing Unilever offi ce building in Balmain, creating 25 residential apartments with 400m² of retail space and basement carpark. Existing is a 2 storey brick heritage building, used as a warehouse space, with a roof offi ce space and a carpark at the Northern end of the site. The concept was to develop a ‘shoptop housing’ scheme where the existing building entry would be used as the main entry for the ground fl oor retail spaces, and then on top divide the building into 6 two-storey luxury residential apartments, complete with private lift access from the basement parking. As a heritage building, the design proposes to maintain the existing form with the only addition to the envelope being the proposed new Dorma windows which will provide light into the apartment’s upstairs bedrooms and entry canopies. In order to maximise space a mansard roof is proposed and the units at the top of the 4 storey extension are 2 levels. There will be a further 19 units on top of the existing carpark making use of the corner site to gain light and ventilation. The building form, proportions and materials pay reference to the heights of the adjacent development and surrounding area, and is sympathetic to the existing building.


Design Type: Multi-Unit Residential, heritage refurbishment
Size: 3, 400 m2
Location: Balmain, Sydney
Scope: Full Architectural & Interior Design and Documentation
Value: AUD $15 Million
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