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Bounded by the Royal National Park to the east and Heathcote National Park to the west, the site sits within the Commercial Core Precinct of Engadine. The precinct is currently undergoing a transition with a future desired character which focuses on retail, commercial, residential and civic functions of the centre by promoting quality mixed use developments.

The proposed development comprises of three buildings. The first building facing Old Princes Highway is six storeys in height including a retail/commercial podium for street activation. This building has been identified as the ‘Urban’ building and as been designed with a central core. Units around the core are stepped in and out for ventilation and solar access.

The second building (centre of site) is identified as the ‘Cultural’ building and is five storeys in height. Its depth, proportions, articulation have been well resolved through developing the materials and breaking up the building mass. Its material palette compliments the ‘Urban’ and ‘Natural’ buildings.

The third building (rear of site) is identified as the ‘Natural’ building and is also five storeys in height. The building is accessed via single loaded cores that have open aired galleys to each apartment. The articulation of materials and proportion focuses on creating a natural look to the building, as if sheltered in the national park.


Design Type: Mixed Use – Residential & Retail
Size: 10,500 m2
Location: Engadine NSW
Scope: DA Approval
Value: $35M
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