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Fisher & Paykel


Following on from the hugely positive transformation experienced moving into the Product Design Centre in Auckland, Fisher & Paykel were keen to incorporate the key elements into their new Australian HQ. However, the design solution needed to respond to a very different location, setting, scale and building type. It also needed to cater to the different needs of a more corporate and sales focused team. The response was to take the same logic and thinking but to apply it within a new context.

At the heart of Fisher & Paykel’s vision is the concept of being human-centred. From a planning point of view, the Social Kitchen was placed symbolically at the centre of the space. A site of sociability, of collaboration and creativity, of sharing and eating together it literally forms the heart of the facility.

Fisher & Paykel is also interested in the lives lived around their products, and the best way to bring this touch-point into the workplace is a useable kitchen where F&P staff use the products daily. A sweeping, curved plywood ceiling floats above, giving this space a more residential, intimate feel – one which feels appropriate as a backdrop for home appliances.


Design Type: Commercial Office Building
Size: 1300 m2
Location: North Ryde, Sydney
Scope:  Full Architectural & Interior Design and Documentation
Value: AUD $1.3 Million
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