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The brief was to accommodate 5,000m2 of retail (including 2,500m2 at one level for the anchor tenant), 12,000m2 for a 5-star hotel and 42,000m2 of residential. The ‘Icon’ is the first development in Brisbane to achieve a ‘superior’ design outcome.

The concept is based on people, place, landscape and water; providing interaction, activity, connection and a sensory experience for the community. Water was the inspiration for the forms, circulation and materiality. The fluidity of the water was used to round the built forms & the use of glass on the building reflects the shimmering of water. The built form is iconic with thoughtful elements adding fine detail at human scale. The lighthouse located on Moreton Island was the inspiration for locating the lantern atop of the tower.

The tower form and lantern combined gives recognition even when seen from a distance, putting Northshore Hamilton on the map. The civic place is designed to be flexible to accommodate various events across the year.


Design Type:  Multi-unit Residential with 5 star Hotel, Retail & Community Area
Size:  59, 000 m2
Location: Hamilton, Brisbane
Full Architectural & Interior Design and Documentation
Value: AUD $650 Million


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