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NSW Ombudsman Head Office


The NSW Ombudsman Head Office is an independent watchdog over the public sector which handles complaints and investigations about those organisations representing the people of NSW. The work can often be stressful involvingĀ  mistreatment and death of vulnerable members of society, so ombudsman were looking for a bright and lively office environment to effect the nature of their work. Transparency was crucial yet needed to be combined with the ability for teams of individuals to focus privately yet interact when required.

This drove the planning principles and central idea of the vibrantly coloured primary circulation path around the core which connects the private zones to the open plan zones. The colour gently fades out as one progresses away from the central core. Custom designed timber slates and planters screen corridor workstations and provide warmth and privacy to the open plan areas.A variety of informal collaboration areas were sprinkled throughout to offer a range of focus zones and adhoc meetings.


Design Type: Commercial Office Fitout
Size: 3,000 m2
Location: Sydney CBD
Scope: Design & Project Management Services
Value: AUD $3 Million
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